Exo-cage for soft-top JK’s by Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge has just introduced its all-new Exo-Top soft-top and roof rack for 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK. The Exo-Top is an innovative, industry-first design that combines the joy of top- down driving with the utility of a roof rack, taking convenience, function and style to new levels by enabling Jeep owners to conveniently lower, raise …read in detail


Merican Metal Menace gets bolted together

This being our 4th installment of the Merican Metal Menace build, we’re finally ready to start bolting our AMC 401ci V-8 back together. Lofty goals like 400 hp on pump gas, a stable idle and enough engine vacuum to operate the brakes require a stout foundation; we’re going to leave you this issue with a …read in detail


Land Rover special vehicle operations to build proper off-roaders

The boss of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division (SVO) has confirmed to Autoexpress that they are planning more hardcore off-road versions of the Land Rover brand. And that’s a good thing as Land Rovers last remaining credible utilitarian 4WD (Defender) is only months away from getting the axe. “There are four different types …read in detail


Transmission cooling from KRC

KRC has revealed a useful cooling fix for power steering systems and automatic transmissions. Using the radiator principle and combining it with two innovative elements, internal micro fins and external serpentine fins, they have attained impressive heat dissipation. Impressive heat dissipation can be elusive. But by channeling the fluid through multiple internal micro fins located …read in detail


Go bigger, last longer with auxiliary fuel tanks

4WDs are continually becoming more fuel efficient, as technology allows these previously big guzzlers to get further down the trail on a single tank. The problem is, chances are you are not dragging a 2014 or newer rig into the bush. You are more likely topping up the tanks of an older beast that does …read in detail


Edelbrock helps out Jeep 4.0L with new performance cylinder heads

This new performance cylinder head is designed as a bolt-on upgrade for 1987-2006 Jeeps with a 4.0L inline six-cylinder engine. The Performer Jeep cylinder head features improved flow intake and exhaust ports along with a modern combustion chamber design with backcut and swirl polished valves. It retains the stock valve angle, pushrod length, and valve …read in detail

New G-Wagon getting new engine options

Mercedes-Benz’s classic off-roader is getting an update, and we’re happy to say they are sticking to the tried and true design that spans more than 35 years. However, on the inside, the new G-Class will receive a new 4.0L direct injected V-8 bi-turbo engine already unveiled in the G 500 4×42 show car. The new …read in detail