Taking Jeep’s Cherokee Trailhawk to the limit

  The Trailhawk edition is the most trail capable Cherokee. As mentioned, it features Firestone Destination A/T’s that measure in at 245/65R17 and boasts a mild 1 in lift over the regular Cherokee. The drivetrain makes use of Jeep’s Active Drive Lock system with locking rear differential. The drivetrain is able to disconnect the rear …read in detail


Kahn Design reveal ugliest Land Rover we’ve seen yet

Now, we try our best not to waste your time with the onslaught of hideous and gaudy releases put out almost daily by snobbish bespoke coachbuilders. These companies take already beautiful vehicles and dump them in tanks of super bling and sell them to millionaires for unfathomable amounts of money. However, the latest offering that …read in detail


Cool 4WD’s we should have in Canada

Now I’m not complaining, but life as an Automotive Journalist means you sometimes spend more time sitting in airplanes rather than behind the wheel of your prime subject and passion, the automobile. Over the last five years, this means I’ve seen a fair share of the world, and whenever I can, I try to spend …read in detail


A Nirvana of used 4X4’s

I’m on the move once again. From the blistering hot continent of Australia, I’ve now repositioned myself quite nicely on the South Island of New Zealand. Ah, New Zealand, how I love the land of the long white cloud. It reminds me so much of Vancouver Island where I grew up. Both islands on the …read in detail


Rooftop or Ground Tent? A tough choice

There has been a rather popular trend developing over the last decade or so. With the introduction of the RTT (Roof Top Tent) making its way from Africa to North America, it seems like every vehicle that is used for, or wants to be seen as being an overland vehicle, mounts an RTT to the …read in detail